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Wow your customers with tech experiences done in the way that people love.

Unless technology is used in the way that makes people tick, businesses are wasting what they spend on tech innovation.
— The problem

Many businesses are frustrated with the complex mix of expertise needed to create impressive experiences using new technology.

You need:

  • inventors,
  • hardware and software engineers,
  • fabricators and tinkerers,
  • scientists and technical specialists,
  • designers of physical products
  • interaction and interface designers,
  • human-centred researchers,
  • marketing communicators,
  • visual storytellers,
  • and integrative visionaries to piece it all together.

— The consequence

Any gap in these areas is the reason tech innovation either fails to impress users or becomes non-viable.


Emergent tech innovation requires the many right pieces and the vision to stitch them together.

Most Innovation Teams

Missing pieces result in work that is clunky, does not excite users, or does not make business sense.

This is why we founded STUCKLABS – to be your innovation partner with the necessary mix of disciplines to help you create tech experiences that people love.

We’re the experiential innovation wing of the acclaimed STUCK Design – “Wizards at your service.”

As seen on

Kinetic Touchless I

Tangible reactions without contact.

Most contactless solutions are designed with only safety in mind – and we lose a lot of the tactile feedback that people love. With Kinetic Touchless, you can restore some of that lost magic.

Watch the Video
Kinetic Touchless II

Use the force.

While most sensor doors operate in a binary mode – opening or closing fully – motion-tracked innovations allow us to control objects in a step-less and natural manner.

See the Magic
Magic Self-Sealing Portholes

Enter, exit, shut. Effortless.

Hand portholes on enclosures, which protect healthcare workers doing medical procedures, rarely hug snugly around the arms during use. They have gaping holes at the moment of entry or exit. The ideal portholes should offer a tight seal and promote freedom of movement.

Watch our Mashable Interview
Crizal Experiential Exhibits

Selling with Science

Many shoppers of today are tired of the polished sales copy, the utopian visuals that tell us what our lives should be like, comparison charts, and the ‘Photoshopped’ dramatization of the before-and-after differences. Instead, we look for demonstrations and retail experiences that deliver interactive, authentic proof, and in-person encounters to remember.

Watch Crizal Create Vivid Demos
Kinetic Touchless III

Encouraging movement without contact

Contactless interfaces these days are focused on hygiene, but being free from physical size limitations, they are useful to allow big body movements – and even bigger effects on screen. Here we deploy it for fun and bring dreams to life for children.

Watch the Touchless Symphony

Build technological experiences that reliably impress your users.

And finally, stop wasting your innovation budget on blindspots.

Latest News

A TEDx Interview

Donn Koh – STUCKLABS co-director, speaks on TEDx about how to make things people love, and how creativity is learnable.

Watch the Interview

We do many more top-secret projects for

“Picking up the pieces from various stakeholders and transforming the loose puzzle into a turn-key solution is just one of STUCK’s strengths. Aside from distinctive design ideas they also convince with state of the art security in their web solutions.”

Kirill Lastowezky

Kirill Lastowezky

BMW Asia Pte Ltd

“Before working with STUCK, the biggest challenge was to convey our technological products’ superiority to our customers. With traditional agencies, we found ourselves confined to a specific box, simply working on better iterations of over-saturated demo tool concepts. STUCK helped us to dream bigger. They brought their level of obsession to detail and the human experience to this work. This has redefined the consumer experience of optical lenses shopping for us. Because of this, we’ve seen increased uptake of the demo tools in eye-care practitioner stores, higher conversion rates, and increased trade-up to more premium products.”

Jeremy Wong

Jeremy Wong

Nikon Lenswear Overseas Marketing, Product Marketing Manager