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Score a victory for humanity.

Go beyond business-as-usual. Surface insights that inspire action. Collectively re-imagine the future, and make that come true.

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An active member of ALFA (Assisted Living Facilities Association), one of the rare innovation & design firms that proactively leads in this area. We were part of the committee that contributed and drafted Singapore’s first Assisted Living Guidelines.


We are champions for the next generation, and we believe it’s our responsibility to instil creativity into every individual. Many of the folks at STUCK are educators at tertiary institutions.


We advocate for care models centered on humanity, autonomy and dignity. STUCK has a breadth of experience in projects across health devices, hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.

Inclusive Design

Many of our projects centre around the topics of inclusivity and accessibility. We harness the power of design to shape a more inclusive and empathetic society.


Our team is made up of engaging, people-oriented facilitators. We are trained in hosting and leading a different types of groups, from students and educators, to corporate teams.

Made in Singapore

STUCK is a proudly rooted in and rooting for Singapore. We have an edge in navigating the local context, building strategic partnerships, and possess both nuance and know-how. Just trust us lah.

Meet our partners who have shaped and realised their future with us:

“Before this journey Design Thinking was something rather distant from us, because we were not experienced. And to see the whole thing pan out has just been absolutely fascinating. To me, the main thing that struck me was how everybody got together, from the STUCK and Alex team. And just to see different people from different job groups within our team step up and speak so passionately about their ideas. It becomes something I realised that the team actually owns. It’s not just this far-fetched philosophy called Design Thinking, people actually live through it and they own the ideas. And they feel the responsibility to develop it further. I think that is the most magical thing for me.

Jason Phua

Jason Phua

CEO, Alexandra Hospital

“The facilitators from STUCK Design, led by Donn Koh, encouraged staff and students to engage with the process fully. The facilitators were skilled at guiding all participants through the design process. Donn also took time to engage teacher participants at key moments to encourage metacognition as he discussed the design and facilitation process with them, and this provided useful insights into how teachers could adapt the processes for use in their own classrooms… The success of the Learning by Design workshop has paved the way for the school to take the next step in redesigning the library.”

Gary Tan

Gary Tan

Year Head Teacher, Holy Innocents’ High School


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