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Demos & Activations for EssilorLuxottica & Nikon-Essilor

Human-centric marketing demo tools with world-class industrial design
Crizal Experiential Exhibits

Selling with Science

Many shoppers of today are tired of the polished sales copy, the utopian visuals that tell us what our lives should be like, comparison charts, and the ‘Photoshopped’ dramatization of the before-and-after differences. Instead, we look for demonstrations and retail experiences that deliver interactive, authentic proof, and in-person encounters to remember.

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Build technological experiences that reliably impress your users.

And finally, stop wasting your innovation budget on blindspots.

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A TEDx Interview

Donn Koh – STUCKLABS co-director, speaks on TEDx about how to make things people love, and how creativity is learnable.

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“Picking up the pieces from various stakeholders and transforming the loose puzzle into a turn-key solution is just one of STUCK’s strengths. Aside from distinctive design ideas they also convince with state of the art security in their web solutions.”

Kirill Lastowezky

Kirill Lastowezky

BMW Asia Pte Ltd

“Before working with STUCK, the biggest challenge was to convey our technological products’ superiority to our customers. With traditional agencies, we found ourselves confined to a specific box, simply working on better iterations of over-saturated demo tool concepts. STUCK helped us to dream bigger. They brought their level of obsession to detail and the human experience to this work. This has redefined the consumer experience of optical lenses shopping for us. Because of this, we’ve seen increased uptake of the demo tools in eye-care practitioner stores, higher conversion rates, and increased trade-up to more premium products.”

Jeremy Wong

Jeremy Wong

Nikon Lenswear Overseas Marketing, Product Marketing Manager